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Gas Prices

Every time I hear about rising gas prices, I just want to cry. As I said earlier, we did lock in our vacation and it's going to make things very tight. We discussed details today such as how we will pack food in the cooler rather than eating on the road. If gas prices go up too far, we may have to ration how much we eat.

Anyone have good advice for saving money on vacation? We already have most of our lodging reserved. I think I will throw out the idea of taking a tent so we can camp two nights as we make our way down and back. Dont know if there will be room for camping gear if we have to take food. bleh. Some day I want to have enough money that I can just plan without stress.

In related news, I am going to keep the house about ten degrees warmer this summer and start shutting down all the office equipment at night. That will be aggravating in the mornings since I don't have patience for machines to come up. It will be worth it in the long run. Not only will I save money but I will reduce our carbon footprint.

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so, where ya goin' on vacation? and way to go - reducing that carbon footprint! whoo hoo!