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Why I love PPP

Taking a lunch break and a moment to remind people why I love blog advertising. I did lose some readers and had a handful of complaints when I started doing PayPerPost but as I've said before, you do what you have to do. I try to keep our medical stuff separate from everything else which means paying for the orthodontist and the toe out of a different pot of money. This works really well as it allows us to do things like take a short family vacation.

Problem was I was tapped out and when Julie turned me on to PPP, I thought what a great idea. I don't need to make a living from it. I just need to bring in that bit of extra a month to pay things that aren't on the budget. Who budgets for a broken toe or my stupid finger? (Yes! STILL with the finger!!)

It's worked out great so far. I'm in my sixth month of doing it and have made a little over $500. Put some of that back to pay the tax man, donate every tenth opportunity to Habitat for Humanity and it leaves enough to fill in the gap. Sometimes I wish I was able to take the bigger money opportunities but then I am reminded that I have what I need. If you need more and have a high traffic site, it's a good way use what you already have to make some bucks.