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Free greeting cards and craft projects

American Greetings has redesigned their website. As part of the redesign celebration they are offering free ecards and printable greeting cards as well as craft projects for download. Free is also the word for screensavers and wallpapers but the promotion is only good through May 17. Instead of calling this a "preview" they are calling it "freeview". That's creative.

The new site is much prettier and easier to use. The categories include everything under the sun including Groundhog Day. Todd would appreciate that. He and his friends used to send each other whacky cards on obscure holidays in a lame attempt to outdo each other. The new quick find feature would be handy in assisting him when he gets a crazy idea and needs to find a card fast.

He used to send me cards a lot. Maybe I should send him one to see if it starts anything. (That link goes to a Nat'l BBQ Month card. Told ya they have everything!)