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Want to play a game?

What was that creeepy movie that had that line? Pet Semetery?

Anyway, I used to play checkers with my great grandmother a lot and the cousins and I would often pretend to play backgammon at her house but I don't think any of us really knew how to play it.

Now you and I can learn to play backgammon online. Apparently this is already a hot game to play online in North American and now BackgammonMasters.com is expanding worldwide with a particular focus on bringing the online game to Latin America. As such, they are opening offices in Central America to better serve that part of the world. Full press release follows below.

Both sites that I have linked to provide really detailed instructions on the game and the terminology. I didn't even know the game had terminology. When a player immediately redoubles and retains ownership of the cube, it is called a beaver. Who knew? Well, I guess you did if you already play backgammon.


http://www.BackgammonMasters.com online game company is expanding worldwide, placing its attention and resources on Latin American markets. By being the first-ever and only company to introduce an online version of the popular Spanish dice game, Perudo, (in addition to their poker and backgammon) BackgammonMasters has now established itself as an industry leader in most, if not all, of the world’s major online game playing regions. This increased activity in Latin markets has resulted in the need for the company to open a branch office in Central America.

By studying and listening to the demands of Latin audiences, BackgammonMasters is able to provide the most desirable and popular community games of particular world regions as part of their global strategy to maintain the world’s largest community game network. In addition, the BackgammonMasters animated series starring their tiger mascot, Jean-Claude, has drawn viewers from all over the world, including those from Latin Markets.

What is unique about BackgammonMasters’ software and all-in-one game concept is that with only one download from one site, players enter one game lobby and select from any number of games whether it be backgammon, perudo, poker and soon to come, blackjack. All of BackgammonMasters games are developed in multi player variations as part of their community concept, and the company has stated that more popular games for the Latin Markets are already in the works.

BackgammonMasters.com, the World Backgammon Network, has a revolutionary approach to online backgammon. BackgammonMasters.com owns and operates its own proprietary backgammon software that delivers a realistic experience, with first-rate graphics and unrivaled usability, in a fully-supported playing environment. BackgammonMasters.com supports all popular payment methods in Latin American countries such as Visa/MasterCard.

Report by Gammonish.com – backgammon online resource for news and information. More about backgammon online and online backgammon game rules can be found at http://www.gammonish.com.

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backgammon is one of the most fun board games. hope you have fun with it!