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Important Insurance

I had quite a long wait in the doctor's office yesterday so I passed the time flipping through magazines. One of them had a cover blurb "The most important insurance you don't have". The article was about long term care insurance but after dealing with my dad's death, I would have thought it would have been life insurance. My dad was in long term care that was covered by the state but his burial expenses were left to his children to cover. Thankfully he had taken a small policy that was enough to cover a funeral leaving just the headstone for us to buy out of our pockets. He waited too long until his health had declined so much that he couldn't purchase a larger policy. It's important to buy life insurance while you are you younger and in good health to get a really good rate.
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I think it's about time for us to shop for a new health insurance company but I need to stick it out until this past years string of injuries drops off. The doc ordered even more therapy for my finger over the next few weeks and I hate to think what that is going to cost us.