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Rash update

After a pretty much sleepless night, the boy's poison whatever is clearing up. This is the end of his third day on Prednisone and I'm glad there's finally improvement. The ER doc said to get him to our family doc if it wasn't better by the end of the third day. I am getting tired of medical bills.

I wonder how people without insurance get by. Although interestingly enough, there was a guy at the counter when I was checking out and the gal said she had no insurance on file for him. He said he had none and she said he was all set then. When it was my turn she said I had to give her a $10 co-pay again. Something screwy in that equation.

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It could have been just a simple act of kindness on her part. I just came from the pharmacy and for the first time I couldn't afford the prescription I went to pick up. $189 + tax was the cost. It would be an on going prescription and being that I make a mere $600.00/mo as a graduate assistant, I can't afford it. You know, it sucks. I've always been an advocate for universal healthcare and now, now I'm even more of one.