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PayPerPost Direct

In the continuing effort to make money blogging, I welcome any new opportunities that allow me to recoup some hosting fees and make some extra for the boys teeth.

The former PPP system only allowed for bloggers to login and browse the opps they were qualified for. More often than not, an opportunity had already been used up by the time I got to it late in the evening so I missed all the good stuff.

PayPerPost Direct makes it possible for advertisers to contact bloggers directly. I can still browse the opportunities available on the PPP site and try to take them as they fit into my time and expertise but now, in addition, if an advertiser likes my blog and writing style, they can click on the PPP Direct badge on my site and make me an offer.

PayPerPost has worked out a system to handle the transaction without interfering with the terms. The price and wordcount and all other details are worked out exclusively between the advertiser and the blogger. Other sites charge a lot of overhead for this feature but PayPerPost only takes a ten percent service fee. About half of that fee goes to PayPal for handling the financial portion of the transactions. Sounds like a great deal to me!