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Feel the burn!

Tonight I started working out at a different place that has nicer equipment than I do at home. First time ever for me on a stepper, elliptical and recumbent bike. I split an hour up between those three machines and finished with a half hour on the treadmill. My hips already hurt. I burned less calories than if I had rode my bike, ran some stairs and jogged on the trail but I can tell that the workout affected different parts of my body. Change is good. Not to mention working out in an air conditioned room with a television is just awesome. Tomorrow I will go back and use the weight stations and see if that is much different than my free weights at home.

One more day until vacation. I'm very quietly pumped.

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I'm committed to getting into a gym (I can't say going back because it's been too long) and doing at least something to help myself. Recumbent bike and some arm stuff might be all I can do, but I have to try. I put back so much weight from this frigging accident. Yuck.

Have a great vacay! You deserve it.

Nyrgnew Mas:

This is the first time I've been on your site.... I didn't read anything.
Reading's for chumps.