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Short vacation recap

I wrote in a notebook when we were on our trip and will transcribe it into here when I get time. I will also post pictures when I get time. I've gotten several emails asking how it all went so in the interim I'll share what I emailed my sister-in-law as a short recap:

Ben met Cletus from the Dukes of Hazzard and got his picture taken with him. Emily and Eva took an hour long horseback ride up the mountain and back. All the kids and Todd raced around in go karts. I got to sit in a rocking chair on top a mountain and also climbed to the top of Ol' Smoky. We sang and danced and laughed and Emily peed her pants from laughing so hard. Todd was only grumpy about 40% of the time and we all came home with limbs intact. Ben made it back with 80 cents in his pocket but only because no one would let him spend 75 of that 80 on a toothbrush in a motel vending machine. It was great!