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If I die, it's from the chicken

Todd made chicken shishkabob things on the grill for lunch today. The chicken tasted really funky so I put mine in the trash after one or two bites. Turns out he has had these things in the fridge since July 4th. The fridge shelf life of raw chicken is 1-2 days. Not four. Pass the Immodium.

Funny comment from my post about Christopher learning to drive:

You sound like a very smart woman. I found out several years after I had been driving why my sisters were laughing when my dad taught me to parallel park. He put two bales of hay on the street to represent two cars. He had me park between them. Everytime I went around the block to come back and park again, he had had them move the two bales a little closer together. They laughed harder everytime I parked. I was getting frustrated because it was getting harder instead of easier to park. Finally, dad told me he thought I understood the concept. When I took my driving test, I misunderstood where the examiner wanted me to park and I parked in the tightest spot on the block. He got out, scratched his head and told me that was the best job of parallel parking he had ever seen, especially for a 16 year old. Now, I can parallel park an ambulance, but I try not to do that in very small spaces. (Diana)

In that same thread, Faith asks about tractors. I would wager that most Iowa kids do not ever learn how to drive a tractor. It's a farm kid thing and there isn't a permit to drive them. You just get shown and off you go.