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Sharing Files

Since I work remotely from Iowa to Boston, I transfer a lot of files to myself each week. The web service I used to use disappeared so I started using gmail. I don't know how, but sometimes files are altered a bit after they've been a gmail attachment. Nothing fatal for general file sending but In my work, if one line of code picks up an extra linespace, things break.

Now there's a new face in file sharing that will allow me to upload a file and gmail myself the link to pick it up on the other end.

The best thing for me is that I can park files up to 500MB in size. We often handle large zip files. I put a 4mb file up to test and the upload speed was faster than I had anticipated. Another thing I appreciate is that no registration is required to use the service.

The old service I used only kept the file on their servers until I picked it up. Driveway let's you literally "park" your file on their servers where it remains for 90 days after the file was last accessed. You can also share the link with others which will come in handy for parking a file that we all need to look at without cluttering up our servers.