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Gonna be a new baby soon

My goddaughter is going to have baby number two in the next two or three weeks and I'm looking at baby shower party supplies. She was over last night, looking all cute with that tummy poking out there. Steph has already painted the nursery with animals so this Ark themed pack would go along with that.

She does such a good job with her painting. Gabbie's room has brown and pink circles scattered perfectly on the walls and I didn't think she could top that. I was wrong. That girl can paint! After the baby is here, I'll go take pics to show you.

I'd show you now but I am not allowed to give away the sex of the new addition. If you are going to throw a shower and don't want the guests to know the sex or if you just don't know yourself, Party Pail has several themes that are appropriate for a boy or girl. This Mod Mom shower set is my favorite. There's a cute baby boy themed set that I wish I'd have had when Christopher was born.

Did I mention how excited we are to have a new baby on the way? This one has given everyone a couple of scares so it will be worth a big celebration when he/she gets here!