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Halloween movie

I really don't have any favorite scary movies since I'm more of a romantic comedy kinda girl but I do have memorable ones. Children of the Corn scared the crap out of me. I think mostly because I live in the heart of corn country and we used to go party in corn fields around the time that came out. It was nearly believable that kids could overthrow the adults and live in a little isolated town like that.

My most memorable scary movie experience was Halloween II. I saw that as a young teenager while vacationing at my cousin's house in Indiana. It was set in a hospital with long, empty, dimly lit hallways that offered many ways for something shocking to happen. After the movie we went to this big pool hall. The bathrooms were down a long, dimly lit hallway and my cousin's girlfriend and I went to the bathroom not realizing the similarity to the halls in that movie. Of course the boys waited to jump out and scare us half to death. That is when I decided I didn't care much for scary movies and I surely didn't want to watch any with stupid boys ever again.

I am looking forward to Rob Zombie's version of Halloween the movie though. I love Rob's music and his comics. He's very warped and will hopefully add a whole new level of spookiness to a classic horror film.

Watch this trailer for Halloween the movie and see if that music doesn't send a familiar chill down your spine.