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Yesterday I read an article that said diet foods may actually make a person GAIN weight since you really can't trick your body into thinking it's getting something it needs when it's not. It will compensate at your next meal.

Things like that are making me consider going back on the Glycemic Index Diet. I was on the doctor prescribed version of this years ago due to being hypoglycemic. Recently, a family member was also diagnosed with hypoglycemia so I went through my spiel about how blood sugar works and how eating right is important. I realize I talk a good game but I've strayed a long ways from the proper diet myself. To see the consequences one need only look on my desk at the bottles of ibuprofen, aspirin and tylenol that keep my headaches at bay.

Any kind of diet has something that makes it not appealing or difficult to stick with. You can use this site to look up the glycemic index of a food and make a better choice for yourself. It is very true that if you can keep your blood glucose level steady, you aren't as hungry and you will not crave sweets once you get on the right track. I plan to do that with my next trip to the grocery store. It's gonna be Hell giving up molasses cookies but I can do it!