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Potential vacation... with golf

This summer we took the whole family and had a blast in Tennessee but it was a lot of driving and a whole lot of money for no more time than we spent actually out of the truck. Next year we will probably do something much closer to home.

Missouri has a lot of great spots to vacation with Branson being the destination of many midwesterners year-round. Maybe I could talk Todd into aBranson golf vacation. We could have the scenic cabin environment we all love but be close to all of the shows and entertainment... and the golf course. The Thousand Hills Golf Resort sounds like an awesome place to play 18 holes of golf but I guess I don't understand the point of the advertised "GPS on every cart". I definitely have to go there now just to find out how GPS relates to golf. I'll report back when I know more! heh.

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i'm guessing the point is so you don't get lost in the lakes and woods. ;-)


Basically the GPS system in your golf cart will always give you the distance from the cart to the center of the green, or to the front of the green depending on how it's set up! I played with GPS once in Vegas and it's great!

no, no, no . . . not Branson - come to ALASKA and play OUR courses - one of which is within walking distance of my house!