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The new baby

New baby

Friday night we babysat a friends' little girl who just turned two. Last night we watched the new baby. I wish I'd have been this clear when Christopher was a baby. It's just so nice to be around little ones and be coherent. Christopher's first year was pretty much a fog for me. I was so tired that I went on autopilot and missed those little things like the shape of a new elbow. He was so colicky that he would just scream and puke 99% of the time. I'm glad we took lots of pictures but I will always wish I could have had those quiet moments to just revel in being a mom.

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aw.. she looks so different!!! i want to hold her so bad. she needs to stay small n cuddly is she gotten bigger?? looks like it!!! I WANT TO HOLD HER!!!! :(



Gonna' be a grandma some day down the road?