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September blues

This month has not been a good one for me. I started the month with a respiratory thing that lasted three weeks. I was not ready for school start at all. Summer went by way too fast and that means trying to get back into jeans again. Every year I have to go up a size and usually end up spending the winter months layered in sweats. Depressing.

My cousins came back and didn't get to stay long enough. One of my best guy friends from the Air Force came back for the first time in nine years and didn't get to stay long enough. Eva is busy with college so only seeing her once a week, if that. Same with Lacey only I don't see her unless I go to her.

September was a terrible month productivity-wise at work and at home. I hope October brings sunshine to melt away the blahs and then November brings snow. Refresher course in the quirks of Lisa... I love snow!

Last night Todd and I stopped in Alco and they had Christmas stuff out already. Insane. Some day I'd like to have a few hours to gather my thoughts on this crazy, fast paced life Americans lead but right now I have a trumpet player who needs to get going to Pancake Day. I can only imagine how that must read to Faith.

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*nod* i understand my friend. it's hard to believe that september is over. it's flying by.. and now the change of the seasons are upon us - at least they are here in utah - i assume its like this everywhere.

i too am looking forward to the snow! especially now that i live in a place where that happens. i love waking up to snow on the ground - it is just so .. silent. i love going to bed during a good snow, because then things outside are even more silent than normal. oh, and not to mention - skiing in utah. hopefully this year it will happen more than once!

hang in there. take care of yourself :)