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Who sleeps??

It's well documented that my body finds sleep overrated and resists. I wonder if it's true that people sleep better in a comfortable bedroom with no clutter? The only "nice" bedrooms I sleep in are in motels and a motel is too noisy. Our cabin in Tennessee had an awesome bedroom but couldn't sleep there because Todd snored.

My ideal bedroom would be this. How pretty!

Seems silly to look at furniture from a dallas furniture dealer but hey, free shipping!! Even on queen beds and king beds.

My mother used to have a sleigh bed that she bought at an auction. It was really old and I think it folded up into a couch. As a bed, it was very similar to this leather sleigh bed. I don't have my mom's gift for finding bargains, nor the time to go to auctions, but if I had $1300, I'd buy a bed online and have it shipped for free. Shipping terms say bonded delivery men, shipment is blanket wrapped, they assemble if needed and they take the shipping debris away.