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Had to get up extra early this morning so C. and his friend could find & document the results of their science experiment. We are conducting an experiment of our own, the results of which might be heard around the world.

Todd buys the boy fruit2o flavored water, gatorade, propel, and other drinks along that line so when he comes in from weight lifting, he has something besides water to rehydrate with. Every time he will hand him one and say "I better not find this in your room later." Well later came the day before yesterday when Todd decided to check the room and found plates, bowls, popcorn bags and empty sports drink bottles crammed here, there and everywhere in the room.

Todd bagged all of these things up and carried them out to C's car. Now the car only gets driven on the weekends when we have time to go driving with him. Otherwise, it sits undisturbed all week. I thought Todd was going to put the bags in the car but instead he very carefully placed each peice of trash in the seats, under the seats, between the seats and in the floorboards. So far this has not been noticed but like any good experiment, it takes time and patience. Tomorrow morning about 10AM CST, you should hear something.