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Did ya miss me?

We returned in the middle of the night from a whirlwind trip to Indiana and back to spend time with my favorite cousins. Left Friday around noon and drove pretty much straight through to get there. Took about 11 hours because it poured rain all the way across Illinois and most of Indiana. We hit Chicago at the tail end of Friday rush hour in a total downpour. One mile of I-80 took over 30 minutes to travel. I was so scared that by the time we did get safely to our desination, my guts were a total mess.

Saturday we hung out, met new people, raced some go karts, did some sightseeing and then the big reason we were there... Halloween party. My cousin goes all out for his favorite holiday with a haunted trail, big bonfire, lots of food, about 100 people or more. It was great fun.

Yesterday we left there about noon, hit a Cabela's in Chicago, a Kohl's in Rockport and drove and drove and drove. Iowa, Illinois and Indiana have got to be the most boring states to drive through. Corn and beans and corn and beans and look!! Corn!! It really is like that.

It's good to be home but wish we could have stayed a week or two there. Pictures later if they turned out.

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Welcome home! That drive sounds like the drive from LA to Sacramento, straight and boring...