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SNOW!! and other fun stuff to buy!

We don't have snow yet so I made some.

This is the mixing process. Easy as dumping water and the powder into a bowl.


Here is Ben as the final product falls down around him. So much fun! I can't wait for the real stuff to get here.


If anyone needs a gift idea for me and can't afford to send me to Tennessee for vacation, here's just the ticket. This LightWedge Reading Light lights only the page. Todd would appreciate that as right now he is subject to my bedside lamp as I make my way through my Obama books.

Not even kidding when I say I'd like some of these student driver signs. Some days it seems the boy has forgotten everything we've shown him. We have some of these colored flame candles to try later tonight. Right now it's time to go to a party. Maybe we'll take a couple of them with us.

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I was too scared to try that stuff!!