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A note to those who care

Clarification on the new car. It's new to me but not new to the world. It's 5 years old with many miles on it but it's been very well taken care of and came with a warranty that lasts the length of my bank note. Works for me! We bought the Buick the same way years ago. The warranty lasted as long as the note and came in very handy at least twice a year. When the warranty ran out and each trip into the shop came out of our pockets, it was time to bid it farewell.

When we first signed the papers for this car, I looked at Todd and said "Five years?? What if I don't want the same car for five years???" I then remembered I'd had the Buick for almost eight and did fine. It will be fine. Do kinda wish I'd have gone for something that takes E85. The thing that sealed the deal for me is that the warranty includes roadside assistance and car rental, motel, food, etc if we have to leave it in a shop somewhere away from home. That will be great since we have started traveling more. It's easier to go once the kids are no longer little.

Speaking of which, we saw the cutest little girl the other day. She was probably around two years old and so adorable. Todd was looking at her with *that* look. I said "Oh god... you aren't thinking of having another are you?" and he said "Only if they'd stay like that." Stay like two??? Holy crap. Two's have like ten good minutes in a day. hahaha No more babies here! I got a car to pay for.