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Six weeks

I've been in Texas for six weeks now and still love it. I know a lot of people were hoping I'd hate it and I understand why but I wish I could bottle some of this place up and sprinkle it on my ol' hometown. I'm pretty sure most of it can be attributed to the military and the disclipline but the people are just so nice and seem genuinely happy. My co-workers are fun and the WOW factor of the jets is still in full force.

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i'm glad you are still enjoying texas, and i'm glad you are happy not only with your job but with the environment. i hope for you that the "wow" factor of the jets never goes away. i've been here in utah for 2 years and 2 months and these darn mountains around here still have the "wow" factor. :)

Lisa's back, Lisa's back! I am glad I stopped by, do you have a RSS feed yet?