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November 10, 2005

Running downhill in an uphill battle?

Wow! I let the front page go blank again. I could change the configuration so something always stayed up but that emptiness reminds me that I need to pause and dump my brain.

The other day I had a shoving match with a friend, all in good fun, and as I began to lose my momentum, it occurred to me: This is my life. I push hard to keep everything from piling up and sometimes I get distracted and lose my momentum. Everything I've been pushing ahead of me starts to shove me backwards, faster and faster.

That is what is happening now so I don't have time to write here. I've got to keep on pushing until I hit a resting place again. I only fall on my ass when I'm shoving friends around, not when I'm pushing back at life.

P.S. The missing exchange student in Brazil headline caught my eye this morning. No worries though. It's not our Eva. She is safe and sound and learning to live without American chocolate.

November 16, 2005

Isn't she pretty?

That'd be Eva, lucky enough to flop down and look so sweet in a hammock in Brazil while those of us left here freeze our asses off. Everyone knows I normally love the snow but this first snow of the season came in on bitterly cold winds.

Poor Lucy has a long winter ahead of her. She loves the snow but is pretty whimpy about being cold. My mom's poor old dog had to be put to sleep awhile back so Lucy has inherited his old bed. Hopefully that will keep her warm tonight as we plunge into the single digits.

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