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New Beginnings

Todd had to make a choice between his family and his job. His family won; he gave his two week notice two weeks ago.

With the economy being what it is, it doesn't look like he will go from one job to another. We stand to lose everything we've worked so hard for but material possessions truly mean nothing at the end of the day. Nonetheless, it's incredibly scary.

Today I watched Rich Girls on MTV. It's terrible that some people live in such disgusting excess while others of us are one paycheck away from bankruptcy.

Another disgusting waste of time today - Britney In The Zone also on MTV. That poor girl isn't even a girl anymore. She's a money making machine, shuffled from one thing to another. Granted, she can walk away from all of it but it just made me sick to sit here and worry about our future while watching the $ signs in the eyes of her "entourage".

At one point she had leg cramps and sat down to rub her legs. Someone called and said to hold up, there was a problem with Britney. Todd came through at that moment and said "Oh-oh, they broke Britney."

Todd is such a funny guy. I was just telling him about Bunny's terrible hair coloring experience and he said "Where'd this happen?? Somewhere we wouldn't go, right?" and I said "Yeah, it's a place called BeautyFirst. He exploded laughing and said "BeautyFirst! SafetySecond!" Maybe he should get a job in marketing.

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"Todd had to make a choice between his family and his job. His family won; he gave his two week notice two weeks ago. "

nice to see that priorities are in the right order, Lisa. You will both be in my prayers - I trust this will not be a long time of joblessness.



Ditto here...

Hmmm The commenting is weird - the window is up over the text of the post. - and I'm on the linked page of the post -

But I'm also on a Mac in IE, so that always means wonkiness may insue.

Tell Todd he should feel good for choosing his family - so few people do that, but should - and then really regret it later. But it's not like you can ever go back and get that time to be with people.

If that makes any sense at all.
Bunny will like the Beauty first, safety second thing, must make sure she sees that....


I will have to check into this commenting later. Another friend says she can't see the post/preview/cancel buttons because the window is not scrollable. Grrrrrrr. Why can't crap just work!?


Marketing is no guarantee, I have an MBA in marketing with 11 years of M experience and have been unemployeed for 18 months or so. But, life goes on, we are fine and I bet and hope you will be too! Take care.....