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Now that's interesting...

Something/someone has gone amuck within blogrolling.com. I was having such a happy Monday morning, too.

The bright side... whatever it is, I'm not the one who has to fix it.

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so, does this new design mean you are going to post more? :-D


I think it might. Depends I suppose on if people comment more. Such a small percent of the folks who land here were actually commenting. I wasn't sure if it was because I was boring as hell or if it was that my former commenting section sucked. I suspect the latter but would accept the former as well.

well, folks don't comment on my blog much at all.. i've lost a lot of readers since i took the hiatus, since that explosion that happened, etc... but i keep writing.. why? just cause i can..... fwiw.. i read this space every day :)

amuck amuck amuck amuck amuck amuck!

Gosh, I love saying that!
As to commenting, I can only read some many blogs at a time and comment - the others I have to read. I think it's age. I get tired. Need naps and chocolate and mindless television. Very bad.


i will ;-)