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Bare Butts on CBS???

Okay, not totally bare but close enough. We're watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show. How funny. Winged girls in underwear and high heels. Do men really like this crap?? Todd doesn't. He left the room to help C. make a log cabin out of rolled up construction paper. I think it was the wings that overwhelmed him. Seriously, men don't like this, do they?

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It is just in time for holiday shopping. Apparently the advertisers think that men will buy this stuff for women. I switched channels to a sitcom ...

well.. i've been putting up personals on aol and match.com in search of men, cause i'm going through this whole rediscovering of the penis phase (i still like the titties too).. so far the only guys that have emailed me with have been all about "hey baby, so do ya like to have sex?" and on aol they IM me sometimes, with the same lines... i've been in retaliation-- asking them about *who* they are and what they like and what makes them the person that they are, and then of course asking them if women really like those lines.... but of course by that time they've stopped answering me. not the best way to find a date, but a good way to filter out the idiots. so, my point.. i think a lot of them do like that stuff..


I think they SAY they don't, but they really do, but who can figure out what men really think?