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It's gonna be a lovely day

Both of my car doors were froze shut this morning. In a totally unrelated Monday morning fit, if I see one more thing about Michael Jackson this morning, I'm going to throw something.

There is a psychologist on TV right now saying when we talk to our children about this we should make it clear that some people have a lot of talent and even someone with a lot of talent can have problems. Gee, that's almost too much wisdom for my head to absorb.

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Whoa! Careful with profound profundities...

Does this mean I have to check in more than once a month now?

(...and maybe we can now put some pressure on She Who Used To Post!)

and even someone with a lot of talent can have problems which may include things like a forty-five year old man asking little Johnny to come to his house for a sleep over - the house that sits in the middle of a ranch called "Never Land"... Ummmm... I'm thinking the kid's parents need talking to by a therapist - or at the very least, bitch slapped.

And happy Turkey day, schweety. :-)