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We can never get a picture that accurately portrays the size of Dozer so tonight Todd held him and finally, you can all see how massive this dog is. Unfortunately, you can also see how stubby his poor little legs are.

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Now show us how big Todd is. :)


It is pretty funny how the dog makes Todd look small.


Somehow I was still picturing Dozer as a puppy...


thats funny. just really funny :) so, thats what that little puppy grew up to be :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa and Todd.
(Dozer wants a drumstick)

That is a giant dog with stubby little legs! I mean I know you've always said this - but now it's a lot more clear! And of course he thinks he's a tiny dog since Todd is picking him up and cuddling him! Heh.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wow! Todd's smiling! ;)

Those are some fearsome teeth. Boris is afraid he'll end up as lunch.