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Post holiday notes

Let's see... we really didn't have Thanksgiving per se. Todd is working in a different capacity at his job now which was supposed to afford him more time at home. I guess it has so far but he still had to work Thanksgiving Day. It wasn't our holiday to have kids so I spent the day cleaning the hell out of the house to keep my mind off another holiday apart.

Friday we made a quick dash to Des Moines with the kids to see some of his family. Anytime Mitzi and I get in the same room, it's a good time. Didn't have any money to take part in the Black Friday shopping.

Christmas tree is up, lights are on the outside of the house and I'm outta time. Have a great week!

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Pictures maybe?

i thought todd was quitting is job? or has it not been 2 weeks yet?


yeah, it's been over two weeks. We couldn't afford to tough it out so he is working part time at the same place. He's not a supervisor anymore which means a lot less pay but also means he can have more say in when he works. It sucks but it's the best anyone can do right now.