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Totally disgusted

This day has been so incredibly terrible. It was literally one bad thing after another all day long at work. At one point I was working three computers at once with my laptop balanced precariously in my lap, headset on my head with one phone call, cellphone to my ear with another phone call. Finally got away from that about 7pm and turned my attention to the "blizzard" we were supposedly having. Looked out the window and it was raining. Right now at 9:30PM those ignorant weather people have us under a blizzard warning and it's not doing anything other than spitting a few snow flakes. I can see the grass, the road, my car... there's no snow.

The weather genius just broke in and said "Still waiting on that heavy snowfall and it looks like we won't get it after all." With that announcement, C. lost his composure and went running to his room screaming something like "Dang it! We're gonna end up having school tomorrow!!"

If you'll excuse me, I think I'll go lose my composure now, too.