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Just another manic Monday

I got three hours of sleep before my nose decided to clog up and run all at once. My boss is right; kids are walking petri dishes. Due to even more sleeplessness, I'm crankier than normal and Todd decided to split hairs over garbage.

It's just a wee bit above zero and I knew there was a ton of garbage to get to the curb. We go through a bag of trash a day when all the kids are here. Amazing. Anyway, I asked if he could get it on his way out to work. Now, when you ask him to do something, you must follow up on it because he will never divulge whether he actually did it or not. So I asked, "Did you get the trash?" I put out two cans. "What about bags?" I put out the cans. "Are there any bags that I need to get?" I SAID I GOT THE CANS! THEY ARE AT THE CURB! At this point I'm mad and I think I said "Do you need a f-ing psychologist??? I didn't ask you about the cans! I asked if there are bags I need to get!!"

Ugh!! It went on from there but you get the drift. After 3-1/2 years of this, I'm quite convinced that he does it to push me over the edge. You know those people who answer a question with a question? He does that too.

My boss, being the man that he is, will also gauge my mood and poke at me accordingly all freaking day. MEN!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go carry out the rest of the trash.

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I know EXACTLY what you're talking about, it's like they get brain dead when we're talking to them sometimes or maybe we're supposed to read their minds?


i had to read this to sal. halfway through, she said "i know how that feels". guess where that was....."you must follow up on it because he will never divulge whether he actually did it or not".

so, it seems the above is not exclusive to men - apparently i do it too!!!

ok. i'm going to go take out the trash now.


I did it already!!!!