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Gonna get political

First off, if anyone is inspired to comment on this, keep in mind our 9 year old daughter reads this from school and no, I cannot block an entire IP range just to keep her out. That being said, I've just about had it already with the presidential process and the fallout. I don't remember this much bickering and backstabbing and name calling in the 80's or 90's. Maybe I just pay more attention now that I'm older.

Anyway, I am registered as an Independent. I have Democratic leanings but not enough to tow that party line. I abhor practically everything Republicans stand for. I have some Republican friends whom I love to the moon and back but I do NOT discuss politics with them.

Intesting side note here: I used dictionary.com to check my spelling of 'abhore' and it says "To regard with horror or loathing; detest: “The problem with Establishment Republicans is they abhor the unseemliness of a political brawl” (Patrick J. Buchanan). " What is an Establishment Republican because most of the Republicans I know seem to seek out a brawl? They pick and nag and twist and ride things absolutely into the ground and do so by taking lots of cheap shots along the way.

So, after last night's caucus upset, a lot of people are picking apart Dean's meltdown. I am still undecided as far as a candidate, leaning towards Edwards I think, but I respect the man having a meltdown. I like that spark. It's the same spark I have when I think about our country. I get mad as hell when I think how things have gone in the last few years. Talk to me about it for long and you will hear me roar like a maniac too. And yes, I know he should tone it down. I get that. I still understand where that roar came from. Pure aggravation at how this system works.

Back to the point of this discussion, I want a Republican who supports Bush to tell me why they support him. Levelheaded replies only please and don't mention the wars. I want to know how he's improved your personal economy, your living standards. Has his domestic agenda benefited you? What about his foreign policy speaks to you? Again, I don't want to hear about either war because any idiot can declare war.

I hate George Bush. When he was running for President I said "If that man gets elected we will go broke, go to war and turn friends into enemies." I had no idea he'd deliver on all three so quickly. I can't understand how anyone can support him yet the vast majority does. I am completely sincere. I don't want to fight. I am the first to admit that my ideals cloud my judgement a lot of the time. Maybe he really is great and I am just not seeing it. If you are a staunch Bush supporter, please help me see your side.

Again, a 9 year old reads this so if you feel the need to be angry and vicious, bring it directly to me and not this public forum. Thanks.

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I have an extra $1000 tax credit. So do you.


Yes but that's hardly any consolation in the big picture. My budget is off by way over that $1,000 a year. I am paying more for food, for gasoline, for heating, real estate taxes, insurance, etc. than I was just a year ago. Not the usual normal yearly increase but a bunch more. I can no longer afford to pay a babysitter. The price of eggs is ridiculous. I don't know exactly why but I think if a democratic president were in office and eggs cost as much as they do now, some republicans would be pointing their fingers so hard their wrists would ache.

What happened to all the jobs? Part of that is the fault of the local government but they react in response to cuts passed down by the state who in turn react to cuts passed down by the feds. I wish I had the answer to this. I am not sure any of the democrats have the answer either and that's the scary scary part. Someone needs to get the bus back on the road but who?

I work for the federal government in Washington, DC. On Sept. 11 2001 I was sitting at my desk and shortly after the terrorist attacks in NY and a few miles away at the Pentagon, had to leave the building. My opinion is clouded by terrorists trying to kill people in my vicinity.

That said, the Bush presidency will always be marred by these terrible events. No matter what goals he had for the country, or lack of goals, the necessity for action was forced on him and his team. It can never be "business as usual" again and it happened on his watch.

Do you think Gore or Clinton would have handled the immediate aftermath better? Could the previous administration have done more to protect us from attack? At least we got a reorganization out of it, and redirection of efforts to hopefully better protect.

I don't like Bush sucking up to big oil, or rubbing shoulders with the Enron crowd but that is where he came from, and who gave a lot of $$. Some of that system is being changed, but I doubt that it will ever go away, until Presidential candidates no longer need to buy TV time.



If you can't afford Eggs....Buy 6 chickens.

But you must remember..chic-on make lousy housepet.


Chip, thanks for taking time to comment. I don't know that a democrat could handle the post 9/11 aftermath any better and I wouldn't have his job for all the money in the world. I just don't like where he's taken the economy. I don't like losing rights. I consider myself a Christian but I don't like this faith based initiative stuff he pushes. Not everyone is a Christian and I think we should respect that. And Chip, I really do understand how your feelings post 9/11 would be way more influenced than mine. I am sorry you had to go through that.

PB, everyone knows that an animal shows up here, it's going to be a housepet. Even a lousy smelly chicken.I am freakin Dr. Doolittle. Maybe you could keep some chickens for me?? ; )

i'm actually starting to say it. and it disturbs me..

i do bill of rights defense work, work that was initiated because of the policies of the bush administration. its scary that citizens have to defend the bill of rights against its government.

i read about guantanamo bay. i read about the disappeared. i hear john ashcroft and george w. bush defending their crimes against humanity.

i know people directly affected by the cuts in government services. we live in the richest country in the world and yet people are going hungry and yet w. bush decides to spend billions upon billions of dollars, not in diplomacy, but in dropping bombs, while his fellow citizens can't get adequate nutrition and healthcare, and i don't seem him doing anything about it.

the list goes on and on and on. how many of those who are voting for w. bush are in the trenches? how many are reading what he has done that is either sitting on page 27a of the ny times or not even being reported on? how many?

oh ! what i ment to say first off.. was 'i'm actually starting to say it and it disturbs me.' but i'm seeing some very third reich behavior coming out of the bush administration.


Unfortunately, the Republicans aren't the only ones to blame. Clinton opened the door for NAFTA and the WTO. With that came the start of companies moving jobs over to the Far East. The Bush machine happens to be so corrupt it can't see straight, and that just makes a bad situation horrific. He also doesn't care about you and I. All said, I'm praying Kerry gets in next year - what I heard him say last night vis a vis tax benefits for companies who employ Americans, and tax CUTS for the *middle* class...gives me hope.

I'm right beside you on this one.