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Always on a merry-go-round

Now, in addition to the round and round about getting a roof, I'm going round and round trying to eat healthier. Healthy food costs more so I need to go to Des Moines for groceries. Don't have the money for gas to go to Des Moines to get cheaper food. Have to keep eating crap that is cheaper and available here. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While balancing the checkbook this afternoon, I did a comparision of the past twelve months to the twelve months previous to that. We paid over $1500 more in gas even though I drive less. We paid over $3000 more for groceries even though I used to get my cigarettes at the grocery store so in my bookkeeping they were counted as groceries. In the last year I've saved over $1000 by not smoking so technically the groceries are $4000 more. Our real estate taxes and insurance and health insurance also went up by larger than expected amounts.

Here's the great part: I didn't get a raise last year due to economic conditions and Todd actually took a pay cut. It makes me really mad to be at the midpoint in my life and have no money. I'm really mad that we didn't get to go to Des Moines. I ended up cleaning the guinea pig cage, giving the pig a bath, cleaning bird cages, shampooing the dining room carpet, doing dishes, doing laundry, clean clean clean clean clean. Seems like all I do is work and cook and clean and I'm getting more than just a little bitter about that. I hate to break it to the rest of the house but I'm going to make up a chore list of who does what. I'm not the only one capable of cooking and cleaning. I think the 35 year old will hate it more than the 10 year old.

We did get the kids last night to go to the Boy Scout chili supper to support C. and his troop. Being in mom mode is the thing I do best so that was nice.

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Right on both counts...

...but you shouldn't be carrying the entire load (sorry Todd).


Eat the guinea pig(low fat) let the birds go....and save $500/year in petfood. Let the Dog eat what he can catch in the back yard. Buy yourself a webcam and use those skills of yours to make some site that weirdos will pay to watch your daily functions.

I told you years ago that your local Grocery store was the debil.


Our local grocery store just has some policies in place like no carving the potatoes and no packing beer out the back door. : ) Oh, and they put candy down right where the kids will see it.