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Finally he's a big scout

Tonight was C's official crossing the bridge from Webelos (Cub Scouts) into Boy Scouts. The banquet lasted from 6PM until just a bit ago. Neither Todd nor I feel very good today. Todd seems worse off but I am thorougly convinced that's just the difference between a man and a woman. Women get sick and trudge on. Me, being the big meanie that I am, just told him to go to bed. He was sitting on the couch beside me moaning and shivering. That drives me crazy. If you're that sick, go to bed already!

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MOM! You've come back as Weesa! hehehe. You are so very right. Men. Big wimps when it comes to being sick. I've always said that if it were up to men to have the babies, the human race would be extinct.

So, was it a potluck dinner? *snicker*


Yes it was a potluck dinner - not funny. Thank God for macaroni salad from the grocery store deli. I asked each kid what they brought and loaded my plate accordingly. Never did find out who brought this interesting pizza kinda stuff. It had like a ranch dressing and salad type stuff on top. One of those things you have to eat a lot of to decide if you really do like it or not.

hey.. i got your message from my dad. did he email you back? that was so nice to hear that you were checking up on me.

in berkeley. heading home tommorrow. i'm going to create a website, with the pictures from my digital camera. i'll let you know as soon as its up. thought about you lots and wished you'd been with us.

nighty night. will email when i get my rivervision email back from the bad web email client.