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Icky Week

I have no idea how much money we have in our accounts. The laptop knows and it's not saying. A couple of nights ago it went up in smoke. Literally. Nothing like the smell of a motherboard melting down. I used to back it up across the network but the network is wonky and I've not had time to fix it.

Say a prayer or think a little thought for Miss Emily. She is at the dentist right now getting a front tooth pulled and a couple of caps installed.

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Double Iicckk

Good luck with both of them!

*sniff* I hate it when good & trusted computers have to go to computer heaven. Will there be a service? *sniff*

If the drive still works, attach it to another computer. If not, recovery is possible but expensive. I'm sure you know this being in the computer field (but loss of data is depressing to everyone).

How are the birdies you were raising? You can see my daughter with her 'tiel at http://www.juliagallo.org