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Visiting Germans


This cutie is one of two schnauzers spending the weekend with us. This is the baby, the one I fully expected to keep me awake all night. Instead it was the older one dancing on the bed, whining at Dozer, tromping all over. Finally at 3AM Todd got up and put him in his crate at the other end of the house. The rest of the night he'd scream for ten minutes then rest for twenty. I say scream because it sure doesn't sound like a dog whining.

The cat is all out of sorts and Dozer needs his nap. The birds have been bumped every which direction as dogs come charging through. Todd's gone outside to work on his car and I'm popping Tylenol. We'll probably get it all sorted out about the time for them to go home tomorrow night.

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this is why we should never have more than about three animals in a house at a time. there should be some law or something. hehe


Good grief!