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Once again...

Five minutes into the door and C. has told me enough to keep me mad for a week. I tell him and tell him "Please do not talk about your dad's house when you come home". My mom thinks that is not good because I may need to know something that's happening. If I thought something really harmful was going on, I'd want to know. This is more just the little aggravating things and sometimes I think C. tells me just to see if he can get my blood pressure up. I had no idea that his dad and I's co-parenting arrangement would grow to be so difficult. Oh well, you work with what you've got I guess.

Once again I am reciting my favorite prayer... Dear Lord, keep one hand on my shoulder and the other over my mouth. Being an adult is hard sometimes.

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That's gotta be one BIG ASS HAND on your mouth! ;)


Oh, that Faith!

Yeah, the parent trip has its really sucky moments. And then they do something so cool that you wonder what happened...

I get to speak from experience this time.

Remind yourself everyday, ten times a day (if you need to), "Love your child more than you hate each other."

You know weesa, I'm coming to the end of what has been 11 years of co-parenting. By keeping that philosophy in mind, sharing it with my ex, who agreed, we've managed to raise some pretty decent kids between us. We've also managed to become friends again, which you could not have convinced me would happen eleven years ago.

Talk to your ex about the "issues" when C isn't around. Explain you're bothered by what you're hearing, tell him what you heard and what's bothering you. Let him fix it. But don't tell C to stop telling you what goes on -- you may need to know someday, for C's sake or maybe even for the sake of your Ex, believe it or not.

Mother Crazy Lady has spoken. :-)


we at our house tryt o keep the lines with our little D. open. int he way that he is free tot ell us what is going on over there. No matter hwo HOT I get.a nd let me tell you I get hot. But that has saved his bacon on more than one occasion. Like..... the time that she put him in a car with NO seatbelt on becouse there were only 3 seatbelts BUT her boyfriends kid got to be safe. Now WHY IS THAT? so with that in the open and my blood pressure high. we were able to talk to "her" about it. and now. well it wont happen again. thank goodness.

I will think of you as your blood pressure is going up. and I hope that you are able to think of a way to make it okay for you and for C. and than to help out witht he coparent in your life.
thinking of you as allways