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Fine trumpet player

Every night as I listen to C. practice his trumpet, I think about what his band teacher said, "Christopher is a fine trumpet player." Yes he is. It's amazing how well he has taken to it. His practicing doesn't even bother me anymore. He needs a new mouthpiece and I'm not sure if they are standardized. Like is a Bach 7C the same as a Horner 7C or a Yamaha 7C? Anyone know?

p.s. to Lori. Sorry I couldnt talk the other day. Work is just nuts! My laptop burned up so I lost your email address and can't even send you a note. Email me so I can add you back please.

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Hi Lisa, well I was also a "fine" trumpet player for years! I was first trumpet at our high school and was also in a jr college stage band!! Anyhows, as far as I know, a 7C from any mfgr should be the same as any other mfgr. If C could test each one, he may feel a little difference with them, it may be subtle. BTW, I may be employed soon!! woo woo!


I think most Moms would agree that their kids could use a new "mouthpiece". I believe they are all standardized to the tune of *sass*.