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Worms are out

Todd is out picking up worms for fishing. The last few nights they have been so thick on top the ground that you can hear them wriggling around. Kinda creepy but exciting to think that spring must be here. In addition to the worms, the butterflies are showing back up. Good signs of warmer weather abound. I didn't get my 2' snow again this year but that's okay. Most people are getting tired and grumpy from being so cold and blah. Bring on the Spring!

Today would've been my dad's 77th birthday. I sure miss him. My brother called this afternoon. He never mentioned dad but I'm sure that's why he called. It's kind of an unspoken thing. Dad would find it incredibly humorous that my brother has already had a snake go over his foot this spring. Or as my brother says, "I've already had to do my snake stomping dance!" Size 13 shoes on that boy so snakes beware!

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We too are starting to warm up. Only worms around here are the "snow worms" though. I have never stoped long enought o see if I could hear them. LOL. But Spring cleaning has hit me full force. I am int he mode. Lord dont stop me now. I might even organize under the house. LOL!


I think our worms took one look at the heat and headed back underground...

Ummm... You can keep the snakes, Lisa.


**note to self: dan doesnt want snakes.**

Ladybug, cleanup week is coming here in a couple of weeks. Want to come help me organize and lug stuff to the curb? You might want to leave now, with the kids and potty breaks and all : )


What's snow! Greetings from Southern California!!


LOL I would LOVE to. BUT can I leave the kids at home and take a LONG much needed vacation? Oaky I will bring the smallest little bug. but the others can stay home. LOL.


Heard a sound this week that truly heralds the arrival of spring.

No, not the chirping of robins...

The ice cream truck's bell.

That makes it official. Winter is over. Maybe you'll get your blizzard next year, with a foot or so extra to make up for the shortfall this year.