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Spring Concerts

Last night was Em's spring concert. She was a cute little ladybug and actually sang and smiled this year. C's concert is a week from Monday. After those are out of the way it seems like the remainder of the school year just flies by.

C. starts baseball practice tomorrow morning. Of course it's his dad's Saturday so not sure how that is going to shake out yet. It's going to be a very busy summer I'm afraid. Baseball, swimming lessons and Boy Scouts will fill all the spare moments I'm sure.

Posting this at 5:30AM. Another night of not being able to sleep. The night before I took some Nytol and it worked fairly well. I wont be taking it again though as I cannot do my job with that hung over feeling lingering through half the day. I just need another hour in the day to set aside to solve the world's problems then I wouldnt have to lie awake at night doing it.