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I have the good fortune of having had the same two best friends for practically my whole life. Crystal and I met when we were five and she moved in down the street from me. She had a nicer bicycle than me. I hated her. 32 years later she calls from 1,000 miles away on my birthday and leaves a message on my machine, "Hey you old hag! Happy birthday! Boy, I bet you have some gray hairs now don't you? Lord have mercy you're gettin' old! Anyways, happy birthday. I love you and I miss you!" I hate her.

Robin and I met probably 25 years ago. We instantly hit it off which caused Crystal and I to hate each other for real for awhile. Girls are so dumb. Anyway, silly Robin dropped out of high school when we in 9th grade so she could get married. My mom was just livid that Rob's mom would let her do that and was convinced I'd try to do the same. Well, I did try to quit school but no way did I want to get married. Anyway, Robin is still happily married to the same guy and they are about to become grandparents. Yup, my Goddaughter kissed a boy and is now going to have a baby. HA!

Anyways, due to work and the general hecticness that is my life, I almost never see Robin even though she just lives 1/4 mile away. Monday I stopped as she was leaving her driveway. Just jumped out for a hug and reminded her that due to my impending birthday, we were both old. We're the kind of friends that just look at each other and burst out laughing. I laughed harder in those five minutes than I have in months. We promised to call each other and off we went.

Yesterday she tried to call me when I was on a work call and couldn't answer. Later in the day my mom called and said she'd tried to call her and my aunt also. Mom was wondering if I knew what was going on. We were both worried something was wrong. Turns out she was trying to get ahold of my mom or aunt to see if I still had my ears peirced.

She showed up last night and said that I needed chocolate and flowers and jewelry for my birthday and handed me a sack with a HUGE Hersheys bar, a tulip to be planted outside, and diamond earrings from the foofoo jeweler in Des Moines. She said when she couldn't find anyone to confirm the state of my ears, she just went to get them anyway. She figured I could just get them done again if they weren't already.

So today I have my pretty new earrings on and in my cluttered mind I know that I have the two best friends anyone could ever ask for.

***Bonus points to my friend Lori for telling me that I'm not fat and that my birthday drivers license photo looked fine.***

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hope I'm not too late with the birthday greetings. Happy, happy one, Lisa. May your next year bring you every happiness you could desire and then just one more.


A giant hershey bar?

I can hear that butt getting bigger from here.

lisa thats just wonderful. i'm glad you've got two such wonderful friends too :)


Ah... That is so cool...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!! May it be the best ever. may this next year bring you Happyness beyond your wildest dreams. (((HUGS)))