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We stood in the hot sun at an auction most of the day Saturday hoping to become the proud new owners of a Palamino popup camper. Those of you who also stood waiting only to be outbid, sorry. You might feel better knowing that once we got it to the lake, the wind kicked up to 25MPH with gusts of 40 and only increased overnight.

Somehow Todd slept right through it - not counting the half dozen times I woke him to check the time. I would have sworn we were going to blow over the hill and into the water. We did learn some things such as Dozer loves to camp but he's dangerous. Once again he managed to burn me on the legs as he went whizzing by on that stupid steel cable. If he were normal sized we wouldn't need such a heavy duty system to keep him in place. Last summer he got me right across the calf muscle and left a nice scar. This time he ran a loop around me and then took off over the hill. Nice burns around my ankles which was a lesson in a properly packed first aid kit. The assorted creams on board had long expired.

We need a tote devoted to nothing but camping stuff and one with nothing but boating stuff. Seems we are always forgetting some stupid little thing.

Anyway, photos:

Camping Dog

Windy waves

Sunrise (as seen being drug downhill by a camping dog)

Todd tearing down

Interior of mom's motorhome (Faith would love my mom's camper where orange rules.

Me - enjoying the early morning breeze

Today is city-wide cleanup so we loaded up early in the morning and came home to spend the day cleaning out the shed and garage. Hopefully a new garage will be going up soon so we can kick the junk out of the house and spread out some more.

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"Enjoying" the breeze?