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Boys are .... ?

We took C. and one of his friends to Pizza Hut last night as a reward for an A on a science test. When did the Hut get so expensive?? Yikes! Anyway, I got quite an education listening to the two of them. On the way home we had a spelling bee in the car and then played a game of Blurt! I told Todd we must adopt the neighbor kid. He is so smart. An example from the game of Blurt!:

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? Larry Bird!
Who did he play pro ball for? Celtics!
What was his number? 33!
Where is he from? French Lick, Indiana!

Genius! And I didn't even have to coach him!

I picked C. up after school yesterday and decided to do a locker inspection. Ugh! There should be an avalanche warning sign on that kid's locker. Fun though since I took control of all the papers including notes from girls. My favorite:

Dear W (so many Christophers in his class that they go by last initials)

I am sorry that I kikked you in your bad spot. If you want, I will kiss you to make up for it. From your best friend. Love, R XOXOXO

Is that the new standard in kiss exchanging?

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Excuse me?

"kikked you in your bad spot"????

What goes on out there in Iowa, anyway? Well, she apologized at least, I suppose that's something. I think I should warn you -- that locker avalanche? It expands to their bedrooms after the age of 13. And lemmetellyouwhat, you don't want to know what's under that pile of *crap*. Most of it has fur, or is petrified, or has pictures of scantily clad women on it. Eeesh.

Weesa, I'm jonesing to for a post. Gah. It's killing me.