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The long weekend that wasn't

I totally dislike holiday weekends. People ask "What are you doing for the long weekend?" We don't get them because of Todd's job. It's always been that way and I should be used to it but I'm not. These are the days I am angry all day over the fact that we don't get to see much of each other, we don't get the same family time as other families, and when we are together, it's a hectic pace.

This summer - or at least June - is baseball, tee ball, boy scouts, band lessons, swimming lessons, basketball camp, and we're building a garage. That last one is a biggie as it's subject to everyone's schedule AND the weather. It's taken about a month to get the concrete floor done. Now it has to dry out so we can finish the driveway and the approach. After that comes hammers and nails. Due to budget constraints, we're going to have to build it ourselves. As tired and pissy as we are, it should be crooked.

Progress so far...

Did I mention how sick I am of severe thunderstorms??? And stinky, stagnant water standing around. Ugh.

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