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Family Day

Todd's nephew graduated this year so we spent yesterday at his reception. Somehow I only ended up with a couple of pics of him and a ton of Laney. She knows I'm that crazy woman with the camera that she can see herself in. As soon as I walked through the door she was on me wanting to see "Laney a-gain!"

C. goes to the orthodontist today to start his long journey towards straight teeth. I guess today he will get the appliance to spread his palette. Poor kid. He keeps asking me what they are going to do and if it will hurt. I am not the person to ask about the dentist. I've never had a bad experience yet I still anxiety sweeps over me just thinking about it. ACK!!! His dad is taking him to the first one so he doesn't succumb to a terrible case of "mommy's boy". Hopefully it will go well for him.

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Kids and digital cameras... geez. My niece is almost as bad. She's quite the "performer" and loves to see herself singing, dancing, etc.


My "A" wore a palette spreader for a year. She breezed thru it. Tell him his mouth will be a little tender for a few days and it will feel a bit funny until he gets used to it. If my daughter got thru it, he will do just fine as she is a big wuss.


...and the little tiny dog?

goddess she's cute!

c is a tough kid.. he might hurt some, but he'll deal with it. i never wore a spreader but wore pretty much everything else, along with having my wisdom teeth taken out at 15. as we all know the worst thing is having the orthodontist's hands in our mouths that much.