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Getting outta Dodge

C. is at a week-long Boy Scout camp and tonight is family night. We'll be making the drive over to see how the boy is coping without his mommy. Probably lots better than mommy is doing without the boy.

Garage pics are up-to-date again if you're so bored you want to see a building go up. Kinda cool to watch in slideshow mode. Hard to believe we've been working on that dang thing almost three months. Labor of love?

In a fit only the Crazy Neighbor Lady could understand, I painted all my kitchen cabinet hardware yesterday. Quick, slapped together page of before and after from that can be found here. Top pic is the only before I could find. Way before... like three and a half years ago when we moved in. The hardware was nasty hammered copper stuff with 40 years of grime. To replace the hardware would have been well over $300. Ten hours and a can of hammered effect spray paint and it looks mucho better.

Oops.. gotta go. Tonight may be the only vacation part of vacation I get.

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Please don't tell me those were copper colored before. I've been looking all over for copper hardware for my kitchen... sigh. So, did what is this paint you used???? And does this mean I actually have to take a picture of the Family room re-do? I'm starting to feel like we're in some kind of competition. LOL

PEE-ESS: Can I make a suggestion about the pink tile or should I just keep my mouth shut?


The tile only looks pink... it's really like a hideous beige color. Yes, copper. Hammered copper straight out of the late 50s. I do not like copper unless it is shiny and new and no hammering. The carpet is not orange anymore - changed that right off the bat.

The paint.. hmmmm... here it is Rustoleum Hammered Effects. Way cool. You'll want to start paiting everything if you use it.

This is the best compliment I can give for such an epic job - I can not tell that you did any work at all, it looks like you've just replaced the fixtures. Pretty damn impressive!

And yes I was going to come in here and say it is sooooo nice to see photos of the projects as I just die every time that Crazy Lady tells stories that leave me wishing I could see more photos of her projects!

I have to admit - I covet your garage. I hope to someday own a garage, with maybe a house too. Jon doesn't understand - he doesn't own power tools or want to work with paints and stains that need much ventilation. My power tools languish in a box. It's all very tragic.

Batty is trying to guilt me into taking new pictures and doing more work - to make up for what she's not doing.... wahhh.


We must unite and stand up for those sisters without mortgages! I mean houses! Poor Batty has to garden on a balcony! She can't even pick her own carpet for cryin out loud!

For my share of the burden I shall paint my bathroom countertop. Did you know you can do that? Kilz, then latex paint - sponge or rag or whatever for design - then a polyurethane for sealer and viola' - new countertop! So, what's next at the CNL's house?

killer garage!!!! How many vehicles are you planning to park in it? You have room for all of our motorcycles, too. ;-)

hmmmm - paint the counter top??? hmmmm - nope, stop it, you can't make me, I don't wanna revamp, redecorate, aw, shoot - hand me a paint brush. (nah, kidding)

Weesa, how does the roof of the garage stay up without any center supports? Can you ask those guys about that? I'm perplexed. It is such a large span without any support - unlike my chest area.

To answer the question what's next... the second floor hallway "strip and paint" event, and painting the hideous pink hallway leading up to the third floor. It's not even a nice pink - it's this mucky, fucha-esk pink. *shudder*.


barbara - you could park your motorcycles in there for sure. We will park (I hope) two cars, a bass boat and the popup camper. The bass boat is already in there now and it's a space hog. Might have to rethink the order. Can't put vehicles in yet as there is still a pile of lumber to be placed here and there. Said lumber is in the middle of the floor. Hopefully it will all fit and there will be room for some workspace for Todd the ToolMan.

CNL - the vast expanse is held up by trusses. Nifty trusses that bear the load pretty evenly across the void... again, I hope. It'd be a bitch if it all fell in at this point. To explain truss systems would require me to use words such as buttresses and I know better than to say such things around you ; )