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On vacation

6AM work on the garage (which I need to post pics of), afternoons and evenings scrubbing and repairing and moving things around at my mom's house in the hopes that we'll be done with the work and truly ready to hit vacation mode on Thursday and part of Friday. Friday evening we'll have to gear up for three kid weekend. Like my mom said, "When you own a home and have kids, don't expect time to yourself for vacation." I can hope to squeeze a day and a half out of it, can't I?

Aunt Rose, I know you are working long hours but I am hoping to bring Todd up to see everyone in that neck of the woods. As is always the case, we'll play it by ear and if you see us, you'll know we're there. HA!

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Passing by to leave you my best ciber hugs :)

oh dear. you need DAYS AND DAYS off. oh dear oh dear oh dear.

enjoy thursday :)


I'm amazed you can even remember to spell it!!!

Have fun!