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Is this summer flying by or what?

I don't think my page has ever gone blank before. Yikes! Sorry about that and thanks to everyone who checked on me. We're fine - just busier than normal even.

My uncle passed away last week so had family visiting from out of state. The garage building cannot stop because of the rain that is sure to come. My mom is moving to a house that needs a ton of cleaning and fixing up. Late nights with cousins, early mornings building garage, days at work, moms in the evening to scrub - doesn't leave time for here.

The garage is coming right along now. Early Saturday morning they put the roof trusses in place. I was worried that they'd fall or someone would get hurt. I ended up with 6 kids here and that kept me out of the backyard for the most part. Good thing or I'd have been in the way, waiting to catch someone.

Yesterday Todd and Ron put sheeting on one half of the roof. I only had 4 kids running around so was able to be there when it seemed Todd was about to step off the roof backwards. I'll be so glad when this building is over and all the power tools are tucked safely away again.

This was going to be my relaxing summer. Maybe next year.

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I don't see how the insomnia is a problem with all the 24 x 7 work going on...



Take care Lisa, thinking of you...

Liked the lobster story. Nice website.