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A week of Melatonin and I'm still awake. I wonder how long is long enough for something like that to work. The only difference I notice is that now when I wake up after 3-4 hours of sleep, I have a dull ache in my head and neck. Anyone have experience with Kava Kava? That's my next experiment I think.

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oh dear goddess honey! that just sucks. valerian? smells like toe jam, but i hear it works..


I am sorry I killed you at CNL's. Though there are many things I can think of that one might suffer at my hands, I'm curious which one was the fatal blow.

I'm wondering if Kava Kava is related to Bora Bora or Pango Pango.
And I'm sorry you're not feeling well.
If you look at Jon's site very quickly - he hasn't updated his links at the top of his page and so there are little :( faces in his "No quote fround for today" comment.
He fails to see why this is a laughable matter.
Have you EVER known him to use a :) or a :( or any lil smilie at all????!!!!

Aunt Rose:

I'm missing you but I hear from your mom that you have really been busy so your forgiven this time.

Love you Aunt Rose


hmm I just stumbled into this site, totally by accident. Anyway, about Kava Kava - it's a somewhat dangerous herb for some people... it actually has some drug like effects, and affect some people much like Valium, which is where i beleieve the problem comes in. If you take it in moderate amount, I think it is safe, relatively safe anyway... if you decide that if 2 is good, 10 is better, all bets are off. It also interacts poorly with certain meds, but I dont remember what anymore.